Technical Assistance

after-sales service


Our customers  know they can always rely on a qualified technical service network.


Thanks to a highly qualified technical staff we provide preventative and corrective maintenance activities on our Medical Equipment both in the field and  in-house.


In addition to it, Medival has a number of strategic partnerships with Companies with many years of experience in the healthcare technical assistance field.





  Innesto durale Biodesign® - Matrice Extracellulare di origine porcina (SIS)

  Cook Medical


   Innesto per riparazione otologica Biodesign® - Matrice Extracellulare di origine porcina (SIS)    

   Cook Medical


   Prodotti per Scialoendoscopia Interventistica

   Cook Medical




   Sistema di Gestione del Dolore con Radiofrequenza Raffreddata




   BreezeLock®280 Fissaggio per Tubo ET

   Dale Medical Products



   Sistema di Gestione del Pneumo 3 in 1


ANI Monitor 

Indice del tono Parasimpatico e dell'Analgesia e Nocicezione





   NovoSorb® BTM - PolyNovo

   Matrice Dermica sintetica impiantabile a doppio strato