Medival's organisation assures a global distribution network all over Italy, provides an accurate and updated knowledge of the market features and provides a continous and direct contact with customers.

Area Managers, Product Managers, Salesmen, Product Specialists and Medical Equipment Sales Specialists are the key people to achieve success in these activities.


Area Managers: they work in the 4 areas in Italy is divided into and they coordinate and give technical and sales support to Salesmen, Sales Specialists and Product Specialists.


Product Managers: they pay constant attention to the market evolution and develop business plans and Sales support tools. They closely work with Product Specialists and Sales Specialists and organise events to spread clinical culture such as training courses and workshops.


Salesmen: a qualified salesmen network with many years of experience in the healthcare market. They are  constantly trained on products and guarantee a customer's loyalty through promotional activities in the territory.


Product Specialists: a more qualified figure in the technical aspects  of a product. They work with Salesmen during a product presentation and trial. In-service and training to hospital staff are among their main activities.

In close contact with Products Managers, they acquire and transfer information about the market evolution.


Medical Equipment Sales Specialists: they hold both a product technical and sales knowledge and skills. Qualified in our medical equipment line of products, they focus on their activity on a device presentation, promotion, in-service and healthcare staff training.

They work closely with Products Managers and acquire and transfer information about the market evolution.



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Medival S.r.l. is

located in Padua, Italy,

approximately 30 minutes'

drive from Marco Polo

Venice Airport

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our history dates back to


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