“ genius without training is silver in a gold mine”


Education is an essential tool to the continuous growth of our knowledge and to the consequent improvement in our performance.


First of all, we train our staff to reach the highest level of knowledge and to offer our customers the most competent and qualified support.

In addition to it, to assure our technology is correctly used, Sales Specialists, Product Specialists and Salesmen organise training and in-service activities to make a customer confident with a device use.


What’s more, we help our customers improve their professional and personal skills in their day-to-day work and organise professional training and educational events for healthcare workers, also in the Convention room at our facilities.

from North to South: everywhere in Italy


The Marketing Area holds a strategic position. Here concepts are put into practice and high standards of works are ensured. It provides the

Company know-how to introduce a product in the Italian market, by gathering and developing customers’ needs.


Product Managers pay constant attention to the market evolution and develop marketing plans and Sales support tools. They closely work with Product Specialists and Sales Specialists and organise events to spread clinical culture such as training courses and workshops.


Product Specialists are a more qualified figure in the technical aspects of a product. They work with Salesmen during a product presentation and trial.

In-service and training to hospital staff are among their main activities. In close contact with Products Managers, they acquire and transfer information about the market evolution.

after-sales service for the total customer’s satisfaction


Our customers know they can always rely on a qualified technical service network.


Thanks to an highly qualified technical staff we provide preventive and corrective maintenance activities on our Medical Equipment in the field and by our Premises.


In addition to it, Medival has a number of strategic partnerships with Companies with many years of experience in the healthcare field assistance.

total quality every day


Medival Quality System complies with UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 13485 Standards. 


Orders and deliveries are computerized. This enables us to reduce delivery times to the minimum and to deal immediately with urgent orders in case of emergency situations.


A modern bar code system guarantees the tracing of all lots and makes the after-sales surveillance easier.


The stored goods are checked to ensure their integrity. Commodity preservation is ensured in a controlled environment.


The Regulatory Affairs Department constantly works closely with suppliers to ensure the proper entry of Medical Devices in the Italian Health System Database.

our customers are never alone


The reliability and professional level of a Company depend on the Quality of the Service our customers perceive.

We rely on an excellent organisation, on innovative instruments and on qualified staff to offer our customers the best service.

The Customer Service Department comprises:

A tender office dedicated to promptly deal with all tenders and bids procedures;
A customer service office dedicated to process orders and satisfy customers’ needs
A purchase office working closely with our suppliers to deal with all import customs issues  and give technical assistance on products

Our new warehouse  assure high quality standard shipments.

Our orders and deliveries computer system enables us to minimize delivery times and to guarantee a faultless management of emergency situations and a continuous stock availability.




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Medival S.r.l. is

located in Padua, Italy,

approximately 30 minutes'

drive from Marco Polo

Venice Airport

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our history dates back to


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