why medival


7 simple yet significant concepts that sum up our Company's strength


experience, with 40 years of activity  in the healthcare field we offer our customers expertise, skills,  knowledge and reliability

innovation, we introduce the most innovative medical devices and technologies in the market to ensure a continuous and solid innovation at patients’ and healthcare staff service

efficiency, our organisation is dynamic and flexible with a strong capability to adapt to the evolving scenario and respond promptly to the needs arising from the field.  Promotion and Sales are performed by skilled and dedicated Staff who ensure direct contact with customers

differentiation, we offer our customers a wide range of products ranging from anaesthesia /resuscitation to dialysis, surgery, neonatology, obstetrics in order to be present in the whole chain of care with exclusive products

coverage, we assure distribution, technical support, after-sales and in-service all over Italy through Salesmen and Distributors

education, we promote training and educational events for healthcare workers and courses, workshops for Clinicians to develop their knowledge on our devices

customer care, flexibility, fast deliveries and emergency management are key words in Medival as well as customer satisfaction.

Our strengths

Our strengths


  • more than 30 years of experience;
  • focus on the research and launch of innovative medical devices and equipment;
  • medival medical education program throughout Italy; 
  • efficient, dynamic and skilled organisation;
  • national distribution network;
  • technical, after-sales and in-service support;




  Innesto durale Biodesign® - Matrice Extracellulare di origine porcina (SIS)

  Cook Medical


   Innesto per riparazione otologica Biodesign® - Matrice Extracellulare di origine porcina (SIS)    

   Cook Medical


   Prodotti per Scialoendoscopia Interventistica

   Cook Medical




   Sistema di Gestione del Dolore con Radiofrequenza Raffreddata




   BreezeLock®280 Fissaggio per Tubo ET

   Dale Medical Products



   Sistema di Gestione del Pneumo 3 in 1


ANI Monitor 

Indice del tono Parasimpatico e dell'Analgesia e Nocicezione





   NovoSorb® BTM - PolyNovo

   Matrice Dermica sintetica impiantabile a doppio strato