Our organisation

Our organization
In the many years of activity, Medival has developed an efficient organization. It can rely on a group of qualified and dynamic people whose interest is in improving and receiving the necessary training to answer the many requirements customers have.

Our sales people are continuously kept updated with technical training programmes.
Flexibility, speed and team work are key words which enhance each one's abilities and make customer satisfaction increase.



  Innesto durale Biodesign® - Matrice Extracellulare di origine porcina (SIS)

  Cook Medical


   Innesto per riparazione otologica Biodesign® - Matrice Extracellulare di origine porcina (SIS)    

   Cook Medical


   Prodotti per Scialoendoscopia Interventistica

   Cook Medical




   Sistema di Gestione del Dolore con Radiofrequenza Raffreddata




   BreezeLock®280 Fissaggio per Tubo ET

   Dale Medical Products



   Sistema di Gestione del Pneumo 3 in 1


ANI Monitor 

Indice del tono Parasimpatico e dell'Analgesia e Nocicezione





   NovoSorb® BTM - PolyNovo

   Matrice Dermica sintetica impiantabile a doppio strato