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Historical Timeline


our origins and our future


We are about to enter our  40th year of serving the healthcare community, but our origins date back much further...

It is a pleasure for us to look back on our history and share with you who we are and where we are going.


Should you be interested in learning more about our history,  please select the dates on the above historical timeline.




partnership equals progress



Medivals activity is focused on the research of innovative medical devices that continually improve patient outcome.


Over the years we have developed strong and reliable partnerships with leading international medical device manufacturers.


Our partners share our core ethical values and our strategies in introducing new technologies that can improve a patient’s quality of life in particular in critical medical conditions.

These partnerships are strong and the many recognitions we have been awarded through the years give evidence to the good job done and to the winning strategy our Company has adopted.



  Innesto durale Biodesign® - Matrice Extracellulare di origine porcina (SIS)

  Cook Medical


   Innesto per riparazione otologica Biodesign® - Matrice Extracellulare di origine porcina (SIS)    

   Cook Medical


   Prodotti per Scialoendoscopia Interventistica

   Cook Medical




   Sistema di Gestione del Dolore con Radiofrequenza Raffreddata




   BreezeLock®280 Fissaggio per Tubo ET

   Dale Medical Products



   Sistema di Gestione del Pneumo 3 in 1


ANI Monitor 

Indice del tono Parasimpatico e dell'Analgesia e Nocicezione





   NovoSorb® BTM - PolyNovo

   Matrice Dermica sintetica impiantabile a doppio strato