During the last decades important innovations contributed to widening the horizons of knowledge and to defeating many deadly and debilitating diseases. 


Therapies are safer than in the past, treatments are less invasive but more efficient, patient's outcomes have improved and hospitalization has considerably shortened, thanks to new medical practices and methods that achieve faster and more accurate diagnosis. 


Medival’s activity is focused on the research and promotion of innovative medical devices and equipment, a continuous and real progress to put at patients’, doctors’ and healthcare workers’ service. 


Medival is not alone. Over the years we have developed strong and reliable partnerships with leading international medical products suppliers.

Our partners share our company's ethical values and our strategies in introducing new technologies that can improve a patient's quality of life in particular in critical medical conditions. These partnerships are strong and the many recognitions we have been awarded give evidence to the good job done and to the proper strategy of our Company.


We have achieved these results thanks to the knowledge gained in many years of activity in the health care field, thanks to the skills and experience we offer our customers and thanks to the traditional values we inherited from Valeggia Orazio, a Company founded back in 1831.


Since then we have concentrated all our efforts in doing what we know best: taking care of patients and of people who closely work with them, placing the human being at the core of our activity.